Compliance is integral to every business. The maze of RTO Compliance is supported through consultation and focus on continuous improvement.


  • Preparation of documentation for initial registration
  • Preparation and updating of documentation for continuing registration
  • Mapping
  • Validation
  • RTO registration - what you need to do

Policies and Procedures

  • Review current policies and procedures.
  • Update outdated procedures to your requirements
  • Enrolment procedures
  • Data reporting requirements

Avetmiss Data Integrity

  • Specialising in state contract obligations, our team review your data and identify where poor data affects your compliance.
    • Victoria
    • New South Wales
    • Queensland
  • Validation errors and rejected data impact your funding obligations.

Assessment Tools

  • Development of assessment tools
  • Update assessment tools according to your needs
  • Validation of assessment tools.

Scope Addition & Maintenance

  • Develop scope documentation
  • Develop and update training and assessment strategies
  • Trainer Mapping